Free Cacao Ceremony Video: Meet the Moon!

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Free Cacao Ceremony Video: Meet the Moon!

This July New Moon, we will Journey with Gongs and Cacao (optional). I will guide you on a shamanic journey into the upper realms of our spiritual reality to connect with the Moon. I invite you to set your own intentions for this journey, you may ask the Moon for help with your manifestation magic, healing, or wisdom.

Traditional moon magic invites us to say a prayer to manifest our dreams at the new moon and release that which no longer serves us at the full moon. In alignment with this new moon, you may wish to follow this protocol and ask the Moon to assist you with making your dreams come true. Or you may simply be intrigued as to how they will manifest for you, and what you can learn from the experience of meeting the Moon.

When we meet with the Moon, we ask that they manifest in a form we can recognise and communicate with. In my personal experience, the moon is a grandmother, a giant of feminine energy, a Goddess in white robes with a beautiful silver headdress. However, in some cultures, the moon is considered a masculine energy, so let us be open to how they may manifest for us, so we receive their medicine in the best way.

The Moon is a magical being, they help to create the tides in our oceans and affects the flow of water within our bodies which are 70% water. Women are ruled by her cycles and often synchronise with the cycles of the Moon, menstruating on a new Moon or full Moon. Ceremonial Cacao is always planted on a full Moon, and the whole of the plant world is also affected by their cycles, seeds will sprout more abundantly on a full Moon and roots grow more deeply on a new Moon. The study and practice of Moon magic is ancient and there are many names for the deities associated with the Moon from many cultures worldwide. In the Mayan culture, she is called Mama Killa, in China, there is an ancient belief that a rabbit god lives on the Moon. These are just 2 of so many stories! Which aspect of the Moon's magic will you connect with?

When we travel shamanically, into the upper realms, we are connecting with our higher consciousness, our spirit guides and the place where our infinite soul exists. As we connect into this dimension, we often receive insights and guidance about our souls' original intentions that we came to Earth with. And by inviting the Moon to be our guide, healer and teacher in this dimension, we open a portal to receive their wisdom, medicine and their magic. The gongs and cacao will enhance your shamanic brain in its ability to connect deeply into different levels of awareness, going from Beta consciousness, through to alpha, theta and delta, the day-dream states where we are still awake yet able to vision as if in a dream. To awaken and to see with your shamanic brain what is all around us all the time, yet invisible to most of us with our eyes open. And of course, I will guide you home thoroughly to your body again, so you can integrate the experience and bring home the gifts and wisdom to your everyday reality.

About Sorrell, Your Shamanic Guide

Sorrell’s ceremonies are held in a traditional shamanic style following the teachings she has gained through her 27 years of training with Herbalists and Shamans from across the globe in the art and science of Medical Herbalism, Plant Spirit Medicine, Shamanic Healing and Sacred Cacao Ceremony. Sorrell has been trained more specifically by Guatemalan, Ecuadorian, Peruvian and Native North American traditional medicine men and women.

Health & Safety

Please get in touch if you have any health concerns, are pregnant or breastfeeding, or are on medication before our ceremonies so we can give you the extra help and support you need to work with Cacao in ceremony safely and effectively.

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