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Munay-Ki, Cacao Ceremony, and Mayan Medicine Wheel Wisdom

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Embark on a Transformational Healing Journey

I invite you to join me on a transformational 9-month healing & spiritually awakening journey. Infusing Sacred Cacao Ceremonies, Munay Ki Rites and shamanic healing practices. This pathway is suitable for everyone, whether seeking to heal the past, discover more about Andean Shamanism, or step into their power and awaken to their full potential.

Discover the Ancient Wisdom of the Andes

Each month you will receive a powerful healing gift, a shamanic initiation called The Munay Ki Rites. Originating from the high Andes of Peru, these rites, passed down through generations from the Laika tribe to the Q'ero shamans, are designed to adjust our energy body, helping us to heal, awaken and evolve into the luminous beings we are destined to become.

Connect with the Source of Ancient Power

Your guide on this journey, Plant Spirit Medicine Woman, has received direct lineage training from the Four Winds Society and Alberto Villoldo, ensuring that you are connected directly to the energetic source of these ancient rites.

Healing Sacred Cacao Ceremony

Every time we meet we share in a Sacred Cacao Ceremony, blending herbs with ceremonial cacao from ancient Mayan recipes to create powerful healing medicines. This helps to open our hearts to receive the Munay Ki rite initiations, which grow like spiritual seeds within us.

Heal Deep Wounds and Awaken Your Potential

The Shamanic initiations and ceremonies we engage in, have the potential to heal deep wounds, even our epigenetic ancestral wounds and past lives. By letting go of what no longer serves us, we can align ourselves with our true essence and awaken to our full potential.

Experience a Transformative Transformation

This journey will not only change your consciousness and perceptions but also your very experience of reality. Working within a small group of seven fellow seekers and with Plant Spirit Medicine Woman as your guide, you will join in blissful, transformational, and sacred ceremonies once a month.

Together we heal our lives, embody the powerful shaman within and become a Master of the Munay Ki Rites!

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Munay Ki Rites, Herbal Cacao
& Shamanic Healing Ceremonies

In person practical training, at Plant Spirit Medicine Woman's Healing Centre in Margate, Kent, UK


Over 9 Moons you will...

Recieve the 9 Munay Ki Rites

Experience 9 Sacred Cacao & Herbal Ceremonies and acquire all the recipes

Activate the innate shamanic gifts you were born with and learn how to heal others.

Experience fire ceremonies to nurture your seeds of initiation

Connect and learn how to invoke the ancient archetypes who will become your spiritual allies

 Heal the deep-rooted epigenetic wounds that often challenge us beyond our conscious awareness

Learn how to protect yourself from psychic attacks and energy leeches

Discover ceremonial practices to heal anger, and release old toxic resentments against others and ourselves

Learn the art of shamanic journeying into the 3 realms of reality

Unite with the sacred sites of the Neolithic era, and the spirits of the land to access greater power

Remember our past lives, and gather the gifts that are stored in our stories

Connect to your spirit guides and power animals for protection and guidance

Discover the potential of plant spirit medicine, learning how to make ancient recipes with ceremonial cacao & herbs to cleanse and awaken your mind, body and spirit

Become a
Powerful Manifester

Be part of a like-minded tribe that will support your spiritual journey.

Take a life-changing journey to transform and transcend into higher states of consciousness that will last this lifetime, and beyond!

Unveiling your Munay Ki Journey


The next series of Initiations begins in January 2025.

We meet once a month on a Saturday.

Each cohort is limited to a maximum of 7 participants.

Monday 27th January 2025

Sacred Cacao Ceremony with Secret Mayan Herbal Recipe

The Healers Rites

Practising the Art of Hollow Bone Healing

Monday 24th February 2025

Sacred Cacao Ceremony with Secret Mayan Herbal Recipe

The Bands of Power

Ceremonial Cleansing & Protection Methods

Fire ceremony

Monday 24th March 2025

Sacred Cacao Ceremony with Secret Mayan Herbal Recipe

The Seers Rites

Divination & Scrying Methods to Awaken Our Third Eye 

Monday 28th April 2025

Sacred Cacao Ceremony with Secret Mayan Herbal Recipe

The Harmony Rites

Gong Healing & Shamanic Journey to Integrate the Mayan Archetypes

Monday 26th May 2025

 Sacred Cacao Ceremony with Secret Mayan Herbal Recipe

The Day Keepers Rites

Shamanic Drum Journey to Unite with the Spirit of the Land for Mutual Healing

Monday 23rd June 2025

Sacred Cacao Ceremony with Secret Mayan Herbal Recipe

The Wisdom Keepers Rites

Shamanic Gong journey to the Upper Realm to Discover & Reclaim your Past Life Gifts

Monday 21st July 2025

Sacred Cacao Ceremony with Secret Mayan Herbal Recipe

The Earth Keepers Rites

Shamanic Drum Journey to the Lower Realm to Connect and Heal with Mother Earth & Discover your Life's Path

Monday 18th August 2025

Sacred Cacao Ceremony with Secret Mayan Herbal Recipe

The Star Keepers Rites

Shamanic Gong Journey to the Upper Realm to Discover your Spirit Guides for Protection and Guidance

Monday 15th September 2025

Sacred Cacao Ceremony with Secret Mayan Herbal Recipe

The Creators Rites

Group Peace Tree Ceremony (integrating Siberian Shamanism)

Celebration & Creation

Stepping into our Power as a Manifester of our Personal & Collective Consciousness & Reality

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Meet your Guide

I am a Modern Medicine Woman, holding qualifications in Herbal Medicine (BSc Hons), Advanced Hypnotherapy and Hypnohealing, Hypnobirthing, Aromatherapy, Advanced Massage, Healing, and am also a Cacao Ceremony leader and a seasoned Shamanic Healer with over 28 years of experience.

My journey with plant spirit medicine and shamanism spans over 3 decades, during which I've had the privilege of training with esteemed Doctors and Herbalists from India, Africa, Russia, and Europe. I've also learned from Romany Gypsy Shamans, Ecuadorian, Guatemalan, and Peruvian Shamans, Native American Medicine Women, British Shamans, Druids, and Wicca Witches.

I have had the privilege of serving as an educator in the realm of natural health, catering to diverse audiences ranging from beginners to advanced postgraduates. My extensive teaching experience has encompassed renowned organisations such as The Psychedelic Society, Low-impact Living Initiative, The Institute of Traditional Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy, Learn-Direct, The Shoreditch Spa, and The University of West London.

At present, I focus on personalised teaching, offering a wide range of live events and online courses. My areas of expertise include Herbal Medicine, Plant Spirit Medicine, and Shamanism, which I deliver through private instruction.

Throughout this transformative 9 month illumination process, I will hold sacred space and gently guide you, illuminating your mind, body & soul with the sacred initiations of the Munay-Ki Rites and assisting you with the integration process. Together, we'll commune with spirit and embark on a shamanic healing  journey, helping you to upgrade your energy field and remember your true essence.

My mission is to ground you as we illuminate your shamanic path, guiding you as we traverse the rainbow bridge to harmonise with all our relations. The journey around awaits, ready to unveil new perspectives and grant access to your own innate gifts and the universe's profound healing offerings.

This isn't merely a 9-month journey of self-healing, spiritual awakening, and transformation; it's an opportunity for your entire life to flourish exponentially. I am here to facilitate this transformation's graceful flow, contributing to the transformation of our world, one heart at a time.

Want to know more? Let's talk!

Email me and we can set up a time to chat about the Munay-Ki Mastery and you. 

What people say about Munay-Ki Mastery...


Wondering if thi journey is the right fit for you?

Rest assured, it has been thriving for 5 successful years, and the abundant positive feedback we've received during this time speaks volumes.

Allow me to share a sample of these testimonials with you.

"Before starting the course I could never have imagined how much transformation and healing were possible, on so many levels. Sorrell is an incredible healer, teacher & guide and an absolutely inspiring & beautiful being. I found so much power from the practices, healing deep trauma I didn't even know still existed."


"Highly recommend Sorrell as a guide and the course of you are on a path of spiritual development."


"Grateful to be working with you in this lifetime x"


"Sorrell's course really consolidated my knowledge and enjoyment of shamanic work. I'd highly recommend it to anyone wanting to broaden their horizons in that way."


"I just feel so deeply blessed to have a Goddess like you as my guide!"


"If you want to find a place to share, laugh and cry then Sorrell is the teacher to hold that space.

The combination is profound and has opened a pathway that I know will affect me, and everyone around me for the rest of this life and beyond."


So many thanks for this magical ride, and for being such a wonderful guide, I feel so blessed to have found you and our circle, it has been transforming in glorious ways


Sorrell, thank you for being a great teacher and holding space. I have learnt so much and it has been a great journey with you.


What is included in the course


9 bespoke and tailored Cacao Ceremonies

(worth over £1,125)

Gifting of 9 Rites

(worth over £900)


6 Bespoke Sacred Shamanic Ceremonies

(worth over £600)

3 teachings on how to activate gifts and heal others

(worth over £840)

Online Programme Access

Access to online training - helping you to teach others these new skills

(worth over £1,000)

9 tailored Shamanic Journeying Sessions with gongs, drums and voice

(worth over £900)

A Sacred Pi Crystal

(worth over £25)

Workbook and Manual

(worth over £100)

50 hrs of face-to-face tuition with Sorrell

(worth over £4,100)

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