October 2024

13 Moons


Your Shamanic Healing Journey Around The Medicine Wheel


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A transformational year of shamanic experiences, a fusion of ancient shamanic traditions and modern scientific insights, crafted from the collective wisdom of shamans, guardians of ancient knowledge, and scientists from around the world. This journey has been lovingly cultivated by Sorrell, who has dedicated over 28 years to her shamanic training, for individuals like you seeking personal growth and healing.

In this course, you will learn how to seamlessly weave transformative practices like shamanic journeying, the healing power of plant spirits, and ancient shamanic rituals into the fabric of your everyday life with grace and ease. The tools and techniques you acquire will become a guiding light, illuminating your path toward self-discovery and spiritual awakening.

Your voyage will be shared with a close-knit group of fellow seekers, limited to just 7 individuals. Together, we will gather once a month, creating a nurturing and supportive community where healing and empowerment go hand in hand.

Imagine setting aside one precious day each month, a sacred retreat from your usual routine, to focus on your well-being, to rejuvenate your spirit, and to connect with the latent shamanic force within you. It's an invitation to embrace your inner healer, to unlock your hidden potential, and to journey towards a more awakened and fulfilled existence and discover the powerful shaman within you.

Join us on this enchanting odyssey of self-discovery and transformation, where every moment is a step closer to realizing your true power and purpose. Let the 13 Moons guide you on your extraordinary voyage around the Medicine Wheel.

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Wherever you are on your journey, 
we offer you a sacred path to transformational healing


Over 13 Moons you will...

Activate your Innate Shamanic Gifts

Awaken and harness your innate shamanic gifts.

Choose your
Shamanic Path

Receive in-depth training in Shamanism from multiple traditions, empowering you to choose the shamanic path that resonates with your soul.

Work with 
Energy Systems

Grasp the intricate interplay between energy systems and their profound influence on our physical reality.

Connect with your
Spirit World Allies

Forge connections with your spirit guides, power animals, and the nature spirits through magical healing ceremonies—they will become your steadfast spirit world allies.

Heal the
Epigenetic Wounds

Heal the deep-rooted epigenetic wounds that often challenge us beyond our conscious awareness.

Become a
Powerful Manifester

Master the art of manifestation, shaping your reality and bringing your dreams to life.

Become a
Powerful Protector

Learn invaluable techniques to shield yourself from psychic attacks and energy drains.

Find your Tribe

Become part of a supportive, like-minded tribe that will accompany you on your profound spiritual journey.

Discover the Potential of Plant Spirit Medicine

Uncover the potent potential of plant spirit medicine, as you discover how to create your own healing plant medicines for mind, body, and spirit.

Create a Mesa

Create your own Mesa—an enchanting collection of magically infused stones—a versatile tool for divination and healing.

Become Whole Again

Retrieve and reintegrate lost parts of yourself while gracefully releasing those that no longer serve you.

Take a life-changing journey around the medicine wheel

Embark on a life-changing journey around the medicine wheel, equipping yourself with transformative tools to transmute past pain into lasting peace.

Unveiling your Magical 13 Moons Journey


Our upcoming group commences in October 2024 and concludes in October 2025.

We meet on a Monday once every Month.

Our Group is limited to a maximum of 7 participants.

We will begin our day together at 10 am and close our ceremonial circle at 4 pm.

Monday 14th October 2024


Receive your Sacred Medicine Pouch・Our Plant Teacher Lemon Balm・Connecting our Tribe・Creating our Talking Circle・Cleansing our Energy Body・Opening The Medicine Wheel・Birthing our Sacred Mesa Altar・A Walking Meditation・The Art of Shamanic Journeying・Shamanic Journey Connecting to our Ancestors to Remember Our Lineage and Awaken Our Innate Gifts・Creating an Ancestor Altar


Monday 11th November 2024


Introducing our Plant Teacher Elder・Shamanic Journey Connecting with Father Sky・Shielding Against Energy Vampires and Psychic Assaults・Soul Fragmentation - Understanding the Acquisition and Loss of Soul Components・Energetic Bonds and the Steps to Separate and Restore Misappropriated Soul Fragments・Fire Ceremony 

Monday 9th December 2024


Introducing our Plant Teacher Mugwort・Exploring the Shamanic Frame Drum as Medicine・Trance states for Day-dreaming・Personal & Collective Prayer Songs ・Dreaming Mother Earth's Dream of a New Earth・Connecting to, Discovering & Manifesting Your Life's Dreams・Soul Retrieval: Recovering Lost Fragments of your Energetic Being・Lucid Dreaming 

Monday 13th January 2025


Introducing our Plant Teacher Hawthorn・Shamanic Journeying with the Spirits of the North・Shamanic Drum-Induced Trance Exploration・Facing Our Reflection - Shadows and Past Lives

Monday 10th February 2025


Introducing our Plant Teacher Calendula・Shamanic Journeying with the Spirits of the East・Awakening Your Right Brain Shamanic Consciousness・Rebirthing Ceremony ・Transforming Trauma into Healing


Monday 10th March 2025


Introducing our Plant Teacher NettleShamanic Journeying With The Spirits of the SouthPeruvian Q'ero Shamanic Energy Concepts・Purifying Limiting BeliefsExtraction Ceremony


Monday 7th April 2025


Introducing our Plant Teacher Red Clover・Shamanic Journeying With The Spirits of the West・Developing a Sacred Relationship With The 5 Elements・Connecting our Chakras to the Nature Spirits for Cleansing and Empowering・Ayni - The Practice of Reciprocity

Monday 12th May 2025


Introducing our Plant Teacher Rose Geranium・Discovering Our Epigenetic Wounds by Attuning to Our Body's Narratives・Shamanic Journey to Heal the Ancestral Wounds We've Inherited・Awakening the Consciousness of Our Divine Feminine・Commitment to Self-love

Monday 9th June 2025


Introducing our Plant Teacher Peppermint・Discovering Our Epigenetic Wounds by Walking in our Ancestor's Shoes・Shamanic Drum Healing For Our Ancestors・Awakening the Consciousness of the Divine Masculine・Commitment to Fathering Ourselves

Monday 7th July 2025


Cacao & Gong Ceremony・Connecting with Our Earth Allies・Discovering Your Own Unique Plant Spirit Teacher・Creating Vibrational Essences with Plants as Spiritual Medicines・Shamanic Journey to Unify with a Plant Spirit Ally

Monday 4th August 2025


Introducing our Plant Teacher Rosemary・Connecting to our Cosmic Realm Spirit Guides・Magnetism and the Law of Attraction・Breathwork meditations to activate the third eye 

Monday 8th September 2025


Introducing our Plant Teacher Orange・Shamanic Journey Connecting to Mother Earth・The Healing Power of Gratitude・Healing, Harmonising and Nurturing Our Connection with All Earthly Relations.・Utilising Mandala Ceremonies as a Means to Connect with the Spiritual Realm and Manifestation Magic

Monday 6th October 2025


Introducing our Plant Teacher Rose・Celebration Cacao Ceremony & Dancing Our Dreams into eing・Receive Your Lineage Stone to Complete Your Mesa・Connecting to Great Spirit・Deepening Your Connection to your Mesa - a Medicine Wheel, an Altar, a Healing and Divination Tool, a Fount of Spiritual Wisdom・Visioning for Personal Growth & Healing Transformation・Gifting Your Natural name

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Meet your Guide

I am a Modern Medicine Woman, holding qualifications in Herbal Medicine (BSc Hons), Advanced Hypnotherapy and Hypnohealing, Hypnobirthing, Aromatherapy, Advanced Massage, Healing, and am also a Cacao Ceremony leader and a seasoned Shamanic Healer with over 28 years of experience.

My journey with plant spirit medicine and shamanism spans over 28 years, during which I've had the privilege of training with esteemed Doctors and Herbalists from India, Africa, Russia, and Europe. I've also learned from Romany Gypsy Shamans, Ecuadorian, Guatemalan, and Peruvian Shamans, Native American Medicine Women, British Shamans, Druids, and Wicca Witches.

I have had the privilege of serving as an educator in the realm of natural health, catering to diverse audiences ranging from beginners to advanced postgraduates. My extensive teaching experience has encompassed renowned organizations such as The Psychedelic Society, Low-impact Living Initiative, The Institute of Traditional Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy, Learn-Direct, The Shoreditch Spa, and The University of West London.

At present, I focus on personalized teaching, offering a wide range of live events and online courses. My areas of expertise include Herbal Medicine, Plant Spirit Medicine, and Shamanism, which I deliver through private instruction.

Throughout this transformative year, I will hold sacred space and gently guide you, illuminating the path but leaving the discoveries to you. Together, we'll commune with spirit and embark on shamanic processes, helping you remember your true essence.

My mission is to ground you on the shamanic path, guiding you as we traverse the rainbow bridge to harmonize with all our relations. The journey around the medicine wheel awaits, ready to unveil new perspectives and grant access to your own innate gifts and the universe's profound healing offerings.

This isn't merely a 13-month journey of self-healing, spiritual awakening, and transformation; it's an opportunity for your entire life to flourish exponentially. I am here to facilitate this transformation's graceful flow, contributing to the transformation of our world, one heart at a time.

What people say about 13 Moons...


Wondering if the 13 Moons Journey is the right fit for you?

Rest assured, it has been thriving for 5 successful years, and the abundant positive feedback we've received during this time speaks volumes.

Allow me to share a sample of these testimonials with you.

It has been pure joy to have journeyed the last 13 moons under the guidance and wisdom with the immensely experienced teacher Sorrel and an open-hearted and compassionate circle of women.

Deepening my connection to plant and shamanic practices on these last  13 moons has been personally transformative and I feel very much lighter and brighter after a couple of emotionally rocky years.

Thank you, Sorrel for your authenticity, medicine and hugs ❤️


I have thoroughly enjoyed the transformative and thought-provoking 13 moon course. 

 I have loved the synchronicity of the topics we worked with each month, and how they showed up in my day-to-day life, bringing integration and a deeper understanding. 

I have made some wonderful friends in our circle, who I’m sure will continue to be part of my life.

Sorrel is an inspirational teacher, supportive, knowledgeable and fun!


Thank you Sorrell for reawakening a deep sense of spirituality and self and connecting me with a wonderful tribe of women who I have shared and held space with this year... I have grown in myself through these teachings and I now understand as I step into the flow of 2024 that I have released old habits, controlling thoughts and emotions and am now stepping into a new, more beautiful me... Sorrell is an amazing teacher and takes you through this cycle with great care, love and understanding, no matter where you are in life


I have absolutely loved receiving such love and healing from such a beautiful group of women.

My favourite day of the month.

At last, in 54 years of my life, I can honestly say I feel like I belong. Being accepted by like-minded souls with kindred spirits, and learning to accept myself and others has been a huge revelation. 

Sorrel is the most amazing teacher. I have come from being burnt out completely exhausted and hiding behind the shadows to being nurtured, inspired and living life with immense love and happiness. Now teaching what sings to my heart and fills me with joy.  Thank you, Sorrel from the bottom of my heart. X


The 13 moons course has been illuminating, warm and enriching. Sorrell holds space with great care, understanding and humour. I’ve come to know myself much more through this work and it’s given me a great foundation for further growth. The monthly circle with these wonderful women has been the highlight of my month! Thank you, Sorrel for your warmth and wisdom!


I have just completed the 13 Moons course with Sorrell and I cannot recommend it highly enough. Sorrell holds a safe and sacred space, allowing for deep healing and spiritual growth. My family and friends have commented on my transformation since beginning the 13 Moons course and I have personally witnessed the ripple effect on my family, friends, and work colleagues.

The 13 Moons course has deepened my love and respect for myself, the Universe, and my fellow humans and I am grateful for the opportunity to share my experiences with anyone interested in their own growth and healing.

If you are feeling overwhelmed with life, lost, or just need some guidance in navigating this earthly journey, please join Sorrell on the 13 Moons course and I promise you will not be disappointed. My only regret is that I did not take this course sooner.


I signed up for the 13 Moons course because I felt it was something I needed to do. We are now 10 months in and think I’ve only just started to understand and process what I signed up for.

I think I came for the tools – of which there have been many – and underestimated the deep transformation that would take place in my life. There have been extreme highs and lows, but throughout, I’ve been part of this beautiful container created by Sorrell.

I’ve cried, I’ve laughed, I’ve done things I never imagined. I can’t think of a better way to spend my time.

There are so many gifts in my 13 Moons journey: lifelong tools for myself and others, a community that holds me, a gang of plant spirits that supports me and a wise teacher, who guides with ease and grace and a beautiful monthly rhythm.

Grateful to be working with you in this lifetime x


I just completed the 13 Moons course with Sorrell and oh my what a year it's been.

Before starting the course I could never have imagined how much transformation and healing were possible, on so many levels. Sorrell is an incredible healer, teacher & guide and an absolutely inspiring & beautiful being. I found so much power from the practices, healing deep trauma I didn't even know still existed.

Meeting each month (even online) was such a valuable anchor in these stormy times. I will forever be grateful for the experience and I am so glad I listened to the calling to join the course.


If you want a deeply transformational experience, that takes you through intense personal and spiritual development then 13 Moons is for you.

If you want to find a place to share, laugh and cry then Sorrell is the teacher to hold that space.

The combination is profound and has opened a pathway that I know will affect me, and everyone around me for the rest of this life and beyond.


13 Moons has been the ultimate journey in the safest space.

It’s a transformative time that will allow you to dig deep and release what no longer serves it and then have the time, space and safety to reflect and understand it.

Highly recommend Sorrell as a guide and the course of you are on a path of spiritual development.


Thank you from the bottom of my heart for creating the 13 Moons course.

You are one of the most incredible teachers I have ever known. Every moment of the 13 moons course felt so special, I love the fluidity of how you planned our sessions, they always felt appropriate and on point... and I know it will be something I will work with my whole life long.

I just feel so deeply blessed to have a Goddess like you as my guide!


Sorrell's course really consolidated my knowledge and enjoyment of shamanic work.

I'd highly recommend it to anyone wanting to broaden their horizons in that way.


Thank you for sharing your gifts - your heartfelt guidance and all your pearls of wisdom. I have loved every minute of this 13 Moons Journey


So many thanks for this magical ride, and for being such a wonderful guide, I feel so blessed to have found you and our circle, it has been transforming in glorious ways


13 Moons has been the ultimate journey in the safest space. It’s a transformative time that will allow you to dig deep and release what no longer serves it and then have the time, space and safety to reflect and understand it.

Highly recommend Sorrell as a guide and the course of you are on a path of spiritual development.


Sorrell, thank you for being a great teacher and holding space. I have learnt so much and it has been a great journey with you.


What is included in the course


Learning and Practicing over 40 different Shamanic Techniques

(worth over £10,000)

Over 58 hours of face-to-face tuition with Sorrell

(worth over £3,500)

Online Programme Access

Access to our Exclusive 13 Moons Video Course. Repeat the Course at Home, and receive ALL the live session content virtually 

(worth over £1,000)

20 tailored Shamanic Journeying Sessions with gongs, drums and voice

(worth over £1800)

Fair Trade, Organic Herbal Medicinal Teas to explore every month

(worth over £150)

Workbook and Manual

(worth over £100)

Shamanic materials including medicine bag & lineage stone

(worth over £50)

Masterclass in Creating Healing Vibrational Plant Essences - 2.5 hours on-demand video, Access on mobile and TV, Full lifetime access, Certificate of completion

(worth £19.99)

Apprenticeship Programme Opportunity

Potential to join the apprenticeship programme

Insurance for student practitioners

The opportunity to become a recognised qualified professional shamanic practitioner, insured up to £4,000,000

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