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This course provides all the information you need to get started creating your own herbal medicines, which actually work, for you and your family/friends.

17 Modules explaining how to grow, gather, store and prepare herbal medicine for you and your family.

Lifetime access to all materials PLUS a bonus copy of my latest Herbal Medicine Book, worth £11.95!

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I have loved making remedies with herbs since childhood; my toys were my first patients – drinking herbal tea made from the fennel growing in the family garden. I had no understanding of the real healing power of herbs till much later in life.

My journey into medical herbalism began with my own healing. At the tender age of 19, my body began to seriously struggle, I could not eat or digest food. For 6 months I lost weight until I looked like a skeleton with skin on. I sought alternatives because I had no choice – every remedy the doctors tried failed, my body rejected it instantly with violent purging, and all food was received in the same way.

I was lucky enough to find a therapist that understood my condition in a different way, she saw an emotional component, but more importantly also knew about herbs that could help me heal physically, to treat my symptoms and start my body’s healing process back to 100% health. She gave me a single herb called Calendula officinalis – it worked instantly and within 3 days I was eating and putting on weight again. I was transformed so powerfully by this powerful yet gentle herb, physically and emotionally – I was living again, growing, digesting food and I felt amazing to be on the upward spiral of life.

This powerful personal experience helped me realise there is a huge potential for herbal medicine to be incorporated into our western lifestyle to help us heal our physical and emotional wounds.  Sometimes the doctor's medicine cabinet does not hold the remedy or the cure. I found a Science Degree course, trained as a Medical Herbalist and passionately started to teach as soon as I could so I could share this knowledge with all who were interested too.

I have learnt that herbs can help you heal. With the right knowledge and application, you can heal many common conditions and alleviate their associated uncomfortable symptoms. Herbs can transform how your body feels, thinks and acts right down to the cellular level.

Herbs were once the only medicine we had available to us, so this knowledge of how to use herbs was more commonplace. It is still the only medicine available in many parts of the world. The tradition of using herbs as medicine has been lost over time in some Western countries, but less so in other parts of the world like Germany and India, Russia and China where Doctors are still trained in Herbal Medicine alongside allopathic pharmaceutical drug applications. I recall my doctor as a child prescribing valerian instead of valium to my mother to soothe her and help her sleep (her mother was addicted to valium – valerian is a non-addictive herb equivalent to working on the same brain receptors). But over time we have stopped teaching our Western doctors about herbs and this is a great shame in a way but there is hope.

This course is my way of reclaiming for us as a community the knowledge and practical wisdom that Herbal Medicine has to offer – this once commonly held knowledge is simple, accessible, and safe for you to explore with a little guidance from me and the continued support that these course materials can offer you.

What are your waiting for?

Bring the Power of Nature to your Home

1: Introduction

We introduce you to what herbal medicine has to offer, & how we make remedies that actually work.

Video (15:42) and PDF

2: Hot & Cold Infusions

How to use leaves, flowers and fruit peel  in infusions to create healing teas & tisanes

Video (16:42) and PDF

3: Decoctions

An extraction process that involves using roots, barks & berries.

Video (8:42) and PDF

4: Syrups

A spoon full of sugar helps the medicine go down! Making syrups and how to use them as medicines.

Video (7:14) and PDF

5: Tinctures, Glycerites & Vinegar Extracts

Extracting the medicinal properties of herbs into a liquid medicine, including alcohol, vinegar and glycerine for long-term storage & concentrated remedies.

Video (21:05) and PDF

6: Infused Oils

Creating massage oils and skin products in simple effective oil infusions.

Video (11:14) and PDF

7: Ointments

Not just skin deep, ointments can treat deeper issues like arthritis, learn how to create your own ointment for multiple common complaints.

Video (7:10) and PDF

8: Introduction to Growing and Foraging Herbs

Methods of foraging UK herbs, many of which also grow all over the planet. Use flower keys and medicinal herb books to assist your journey of discovery.

Video (2:09) and PDF

9: Herbs you can grow in your garden

Create your own herb garden, using simple free gardening techniques taking cuttings & sowing seeds. Sometimes if you know what to look for the herbs just turn up all by themselves!

Video (30:09) and PDF

10: Foraging Herbs

Where do the herbs come from? All around us – there is literally a pharmacy growing at our feet! Let's go for a walk & find them together…

Video (18:30) and PDF

11: Gardening, Gathering, Drying and Storing

Creating a collection of herbs for your home to keep you healthy and happy all year round.

Video (24:50) and PDF

12: Powders

A more modern application for us all to try, as powders are now readily available to buy. We teach you how to create & use herbal powders to make your own combination herbal capsules.

Video (11:09) and PDF

13: Aromatic Waters

An alcohol-free method of using aromatic herbs & creating a delicious medicine that can be stored as a liquid for several months. A simple method with the equipment you can find in your own kitchen.

Video (10:01) and PDF

14: Edibles (Part 1)

We often include herbs in our diet for taste, but what are the common yet medicinal herbs we can buy from the shops, and how to use them in our diet to help us heal & be at our best.

Video (10:34) and PDF

15: Edibles (Part 2)

More recipes for you to enjoy & try at home, building your confidence in practical ways.

Video (4:35) and PDF

16: Distillation

How we make essential oils & aromatic waters using a more advanced method of distillation, and a demonstration of how to use some of the distillation equipment available.

Video (3:49) and PDF

17: Conclusion

It's time to round up our time together – here we offer you a few more resources to help you progress further.

Video (0:53) and PDF

18: Bonus Item - Herbal Remedies: how to make, use and grow them (2nd Edition)

This book teaches you to identify, grow and harvest medicinal plants. It shows you how to make a range of simple medicines including ointments, salves, syrups, oils, compresses, infusions and decoctions. There are sections on body systems, explaining which herbs are useful for a range of ailments, and detailed herb monographs. This second edition has been revised to take account of recent changes in UK legislation. 

176 pages, RRP £11.95.  PDF eBook.

"This course, together with the accompanying e-book, is a major piece of work and I'm very grateful to Sorrell for making it affordable like this!

I'm not really a beginner myself in foraging and using herbs, but the course has consolidated my 'little learning' and taught me very much more. I'm sure I will keep going back to it now and again. The videos are a pleasure to watch. The course has been an insight into how a professional works, whilst Sorrell also provides glimpses into the wealth of traditional and spiritual aspects of healing with herbs, other than the basic chemistry (though she knows that too of course!).

Thank you Sorrell." KC


Hi, I'm Sorrell!

I began my journey into the healing world of plant spirit medicine over 30 years ago, whilst searching for my own healing.

Like most shamanic practitioners, I am a classic tale of a wounded healer - as a young woman I had deep spiritual and emotional wounds, which were ruining my physical health, I had to look for alternative ways to heal as the doctors were lost as to how to help me. I met a healer who worked with herbs and homoeopathy and she gave me the herb calendula - she was my first great healer and teacher - it was love at first bite. I will never forget the feeling of happiness and warmth spreading through me when I first took her as a medicine, so gentle, yet so powerful. I instantly began to heal physically too, and from that moment I became fascinated by the world of herbal medicine, the science, and traditional wisdom.

I went on to train as a Medical Herbalist at University, initially focusing on Western Herbal Medicine in a very scientific way, qualifying in 1999. Very early on in my path as an apprentice healer, experiences led me to discover and train in many other forms of healing including Hypnotherapy, Hypnobirthing, Clinical Aromatherapy, Therapeutic Massage, Advanced Reiki, Gong, Drum & Sound Healing and also Shamanism and Cacao Ceremony.

​My training in shamanic traditions is eclectic, with over 27 years of training and continued mentorship with Indigenous Shamans from Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala, Medicine people from North America, Pagans, Druids, Cacaoistas and Plant Spirit Medicine Healers.

​I weave together my medical and shamanic traditions to share these powerful healing techniques, for your mind, body and spirit.

​I have been a teacher of natural health, from beginner to advanced postgraduate. My clients have included The Psychedelic Society, Low-impact Living Initiative, The Institute of Traditional Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy, Learn-Direct, The Shoreditch Spa, and The University of West London. I now teach privately, running a variety of both live events and online courses in Herbal Medicine, Plant Spirit Medicine & Shamanism.


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