Extraction & Illumination Shamanic Healing Workshop

A two-day workshop (Sunday 8th and Monday 9th September 2024)

Join us for an enlightening and transformative in-person event at Plant Spirit Medicine Woman. Immerse yourself in the ancient practice of shamanic healing and discover the power of extraction and illumination techniques. Led by experienced shamans, this workshop offers a unique opportunity to learn and experience the profound healing potential of shamanic practices. Connect with the spiritual realm, release negative energies, and illuminate your path towards physical, emotional, and spiritual well-being. Don't miss this incredible opportunity to deepen your understanding of shamanic healing and harness its transformative power!

✨ What to Expect

Join our immersive 2-day workshop where you'll learn the art of extracting unhealthy energy from individuals and illuminating their energy fields, promoting profound healing. I run through all aspects of the process from the foundations of opening sacred space, cleansing and aligning your energy field and psychic protection methods, through to the advanced shamanic healing practices of extraction and illumination.

πŸ” Exploring Energy Extraction

Not all energies that we experience within us belong to us. Some of the energies held in our bodies, or in our life’s patterns come from other people, perhaps we have inherited them from our ancestors in the past, and it is helpful to extract these energies.

If a feeling, a thought, or energy is not comfortable, it does not belong to us. It is that simple. Just like food which is toxic, it may be deliciously addictive, or just unhealthy for us although it suits someone else ok. The body will do its best to eliminate these foods, but sometimes they get stuck and we can use some help to detoxify our system.

There are also psychic or energetic toxins that we need to clear from the body, these may not eliminate from the body spontaneously, and they can be unhealthy for us. There are 2 main types of intrusive energies we need to be aware of.

The first type is emotional - feelings like anger or jealousy that have been directed towards you. These energies are more intrusive when they come from someone who has been close to us, as our luminous energy fields are not able to discern that these thoughts and feelings are from a foreign source. As we have connected in some way that allows their thoughts and feelings to get deeper into our own energy body, this is particularly obvious with family members and lovers. You may have experienced how your mother or your children are able to activate certain feelings within you - because energetically speaking - these people are literally a part of you. So when they are angry at you it really hurts. There are certain phrases we use in our common language like being stabbed in the back or heartbroken that describe these experiences. These negative/heavy intrusive emotional energies that are held in the body may even come from previous lifetimes, leaving a kind of signature, so the individual repeats certain patterns of behaviour or relationship dynamics that continue to harm.

The second type of intrusive energy we may come across is an Entity. These are more common than you may think. These are not demonic beings. These are most often our loved ones who have died but have become unconscious and are caught between the realms. They attach to us as we are familiar with them and they feel safe with us. They have come to us for help, and we can help them transcend across the veil into the spirit world again, where they can be at peace and revive the healing they need from this lifetime.

This can happen because a person is not fully conscious when they die. Perhaps they were heavily medicated when they died or died from a trauma that was such a shock they did not have enough conscious awareness to know what was happening. Also, people with strong religious beliefs, who believe when they die they will be judged and may go to hell, will cling on and choose not to take the step across the veil, unaware of the true beauty of passing into the dimension of pure love and light again. Or people who have unfinished business, perhaps they didn’t get to say goodbye to someone they loved, forgive someone, or finish a project they felt they were born to complete in one lifetime.

These spirits who are unable to transcend often attach to family members, or to empaths who have kind loving hearts, the sort of people you would naturally be attracted to at a time of need. These spirits can be carried from childhood, so a person becomes used to having them in their energy field. These spirits can change the way we feel, the way we perceive reality, and the way we behave, as we carry around other beings as heavy energy attachments.

These spirits may need our assistance, as a shamanic practitioner, with our increased awareness compared to the average unconscious person, we feel them, sometimes we see them, listen to them, speak with them and help them complete their journey which began when their body died, and ends as they cross the view into the spirit realm, to be at one with love and light again.

When a person who has died is attached to a human, they often attach to a physical part of the person. This can be an organ of the body, a muscle, or a joint. The organ or area of the body that has the attachment acts as if it has an energy parasite, and its function will be compromised, as the entity feeds from the life force of the person they are attached to. This may not be intentional in any way, so it is good to have compassion towards them. This could present as an addiction, a behaviour or a physical health problem. When we remove these entities we work through the energy system, the chakras and the meridians, as these are the pathways through which we can most easily remove the attachments to organs or the body’s tissues.

🌌 Healing Through Illumination

The illumination ceremony is a core shamanic healing practice, this ceremony helps us to eliminate the imprint of disease from the energy field. It clears the field and allows the process of healing to begin, so the energy field begins to create health instead of disease. The energy field, often called the luminous energy field, is a matrix that holds the imprints of the information that we inherited from our ancestors. This information includes stories about how we will live, how we will age, how we will suffer and how we will die. By clearing the ancestral imprints within the field, we can create our own original life stories. By performing this ceremony we are removing and detoxifying the energy field and replacing it with light energy, a blank canvas for you to begin to tell a new story of health. As we perform this ceremony we will help to bring light into the energy body, clear heavy energy where there is an imbalance and it is holding the story of dis-ease to encourage healing and transformation on a deep level.

🌿 Who Can Attend

This workshop is open to everyone interested in Shamanic Healing practices, regardless of prior experience. We'll guide you through the basics, from creating sacred space to energy cleansing, alignment, psychic protection methods, and the intricate extraction and illumination processes.

πŸŽ‰ Playful and Experiential

Expect an engaging and experiential learning experience that fosters personal growth. The workshop spans two days from 10 am to 4 pm, with a refreshing one-hour lunch break at 12:30 pm. We maintain an intimate setting with a maximum of 6 participants.

🌱 Who Should Attend

This workshop is for anyone seeking personal healing through energy extraction and illumination, as well as those interested in using these techniques to heal others. No prior shamanic or ceremonial experience is necessary; we'll cover all the essentials. For those looking to deepen their journey, our training offers ongoing mentoring and support.

🌿 Ideal for Healing Professionals

If you're already working in the healing arts, this course is a unique opportunity to expand your skill set and enhance your understanding of your clients' spiritual healing potential.

🌟 Join the Healing Journey

This course can be a stepping stone to the Shamanic Practitioner Pathway offered by Plant Spirit Medicine Woman. Unlock your healing potential and transform lives. Reserve your spot today!