Step into the Sacred Circle:
Shamanic Drumming & Cacao Healing

🌟 Step into the Sacred Circle: Shamanic Drumming & Cacao Healing

Join our unique and inclusive community Cacao & Drum Healing Circle, where all are welcomed with open hearts, whether you're a novice to drumming or a seasoned practitioner. In our circle, we offer you the chance to play with authentic handmade shamanic frame drums, creating a connection with your playful spirit and the ancient spiritual power of the drum.

🌿 Discover Our New Venue: The Ark Community Centre in Cliftonville Our expanded gathering place is the Ark Community Centre in Cliftonville, a former synagogue filled with incredible spiritual energy. Most importantly, it provides us with exceptional acoustics and ample space to fully immerse ourselves in the experience.

✨ Your Journey Begins: Upon arrival, you'll be greeted with a cleansing smudge and a small cup of ceremonial cacao. We gather as one, embarking on a meditation journey to ground our senses in this sacred space, align with our inner rhythms, and awaken our innate healing potential.

🥁 Awaken the Drums: We gently rouse the spirits of our drums, learning their unique voices. If you have your own drum, feel free to bring it along. Otherwise, you can borrow one of Sorrell's shamanic frame drums, lovingly crafted with ethical sourced animal skins and vegan drums are also available. Sorrell will guide you through the fundamentals of shamanic frame drumming, sharing sacred rhythms that weave our vibrations together. Simple shamanic songs are often sung to empower our connection with each other and our spiritual essence.

🌟 Rest and Healing: As we conclude, we create space for rest and the soothing embrace of a drum massage. We utilise our shamanic drums to heal one another, facilitating the flow of energy, dissolving blockages, and fostering healing vibrations. This method, passed down by Native American medicine people to Sorrell, is a testament to the profound potential of the shamanic frame drum as a healing tool.

🌌 Embrace Your Power: The shamanic frame drum is a conduit for potent healing energy. Shamanic drumming empowers you to step into your authenticity, boost self-assurance, embrace playfulness, express yourself through sound, enhance your manifestation skills, elevate your spiritual journey, and contribute to personal and collective transformation.

💫 Community Connection & Healing: During our sessions, we share diverse techniques used by shamans and sacred drummers worldwide, fostering community bonds and healing. As we drum together, we often enter gentle trance states akin to meditation, providing blissful respite for our busy minds. Together, we elevate our vibrations and embrace our roles as sacred drummers. Many participants also experience personal healing, as we release and transform old energies through the power of drumming.

🌿 Join Our Inclusive Community Drum Circle: Explore the healing potential of shamanic drumming and gather with like-minded souls who share a love for the drum. Guided by Sorrell Robbins (Plant Spirit Medicine Woman), a gifted drum healer and experienced shamanic drum circle facilitator.

🥁 Limited Spaces Available: Our group welcomes up to 20 drummers, with 10 spare drums at your disposal. If you need to borrow a drum, simply select the appropriate ticket. There's no extra charge; we just want to ensure we bring the right number of drums. Of course, if you have your own drum, please bring it along!

🌡️ Health Matters: Regarding our cacao, it's a small cup, not a ceremonial dose, designed to help us access the shamanic mindset we seek during our event. Shamanic drumming is a gentle and safe practice. However, if you have a pacemaker, participating in group events may not be advisable. Please reach out if you have any health concerns before the event.

📩 Got Questions? Feel free to get in touch if you have any inquiries. We're here to support your journey into the realms of healing, connection, and vibrant spirit. Join us in this sacred circle, and let the power of the drum and the wisdom of cacao guide your path. 🌟

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