Shamanic Drum Birthing Workshop

Discover the art of crafting your very own shamanic frame drum and drum wand from scratch in just two exhilarating days. This is no ordinary workshop – it's a soul-stirring journey that forges a profound connection between you and your drum, making it an extension of your very being. We call it 'birthing' a drum, and the experience is nothing short of magical.

Drumming is a universal gateway to transcendent states, offering access to mystical realms that have captivated cultures for millennia. Our Shamanic Drum Birthing Workshop is your ticket to becoming a sacred drummer of immense power.

Our ethically sourced animal skins, including Deer, Stag, Reindeer, and Horse, will choose you as their healer and partner during our sacred drum healing ceremony. Likewise, our sustainably harvested wood frames, available in Ash, Birch, Oak, and Willow, will become your allies on this sacred journey.

Expect emotions to flow as you birth your drum – tears may mingle with laughter and light, all a reflection of your unique healing path. Rest assured, you'll receive unwavering shamanic guidance and support throughout.

 Meet Your Drum Midwife

Sorrell Robbins is a seasoned shamanic practitioner with 28+ years of experience in drum healing, shamanism, teaching, and leading ceremonies. She shares ancient wisdom on birthing and working in ceremony with your drum, promoting the healing of all beings.

Our Venue

Set in a converted barn, with outdoor space for nature connection: The Paddocks, Penshurst Road, Penshurst, Tonbridge TN11 8HY

Your Investment

£350 for an enriching two-day experience, inclusive of all drum-making materials.

Elevate your spiritual journey, birth your own shamanic drum, and awaken your inner healer. Join us for an extraordinary adventure into the heart of shamanism!