Masterclass in Creating Healing Vibrational Plant Essences


The plants have given me a task; to teach you how to connect to them and the wisdom they have for us.

They have been on this planet for 500 million years and they want to help us to evolve and to live in harmony with all our earthly relations.​

This course guides you through the spiritual & practical elements involved in making vibrational plant essences.

So wherever you are in your life's journey whether you are wanting to engage in shamanic practices or whether you're interested in simply how to create your own vibrational essences from plants then I've made this course for you. 

What are your waiting for?

Learn how to create your own flower & plant essences, and use them to as energetic medicine.


A Masterclass in
Creating Healing Vibrational Plant Essences

This course will teach you

How to make high-vibrational essences from any plant

What equipment you need and where to find it

The 3 different strengths of vibrational essences and how to use them

Experience how to create a sacred ceremonial space

Master the art of energy cleansing - 3 different ways

Using your breath to deepen your connection to spiritual consciousness

The practical methods shamans use to journeying safely into the 3 layers of reality

Receive invocations to call on our spirit allies

Grasp the art of discovering your personal plant spirit ally

Discover how to connect to the spirit of a plant like a shaman

Using art as a way to consciously connect to your plant spirit and its teachings

Be able to integrate the teachings from your plant essence into your daily life

Video Content

Nearly 2.5 hours of high-quality video, including all the practical elements of making and the shamanic journeys and techniques.


Membership of a private Facebook Group, to support you, a safe space to share experiences and to learn together.

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Access your course on any device, including a dedicated app (no more forgotten log-ins, passwords, browser issues!)


A Masterclass in
Creating Healing Vibrational Plant Essences


1: Introduction

An overview of the course and an introduction to your teacher, including
  • A welcome to this Adventure in Plant Spirit Medicine
  • A summary of what to expect

2: Equipment Required

All the equipment you will need to create your vibrational essences, including

  • Demonstrating each piece of kit
  • A list of all equipment you will need (including links to suppliers)

3: Creating Sacred Space

A detailed description of the shamanic processes, including

  • Cleansing with smoke & feather
  • Opening Sacred Space with a feather
  • Calling in the Seven Directions

4: Meeting the Plants

A walk around the Herb garden, including;

  • Meeting 18 Herbs that Heal
  • Discovering their physical, emotional & spiritual healing properties
  • Learning how to find your Plant Spirit Ally

5: Creating Vibrational Plant Essences (Part 1)

Practical steps to begin the vibrational medicine making process, including;

  • Developing a reciprocal relationship with your Plant Spirit
  • Collecting and infusing the plant material
  • High Vibrational Working Practices

6: Creating Vibrational Plant Essences (Part 2)

Practical steps to complete the vibrational medicine-making process, including
  • Making the Mother Essence
  • Making the Stock Essence
  • Making the Medicinal Essence

7: Closing Sacred Space

Returning to our spiritual practice for closure, including
  • How to Waive & Release our Spiritual Allies
  • Gratitude Practice

8: Different Ways to use your Vibrational Essence

Blending essences for yourself & others, including

  1. Creating blends of more than 1 Essence with a specific intention
  2. Many ways to integrate the Healing Power of Essences into daily life

9: Using Art to connect to your Plant Spirit Ally

Tapping into our creative brain for spiritual awareness, including
  • Connecting to the 3 Layers of Reality with Breath
  • Receiving Plant messages through our creative connection

10: The Shamanic Gong Journey to meet your Plant Spirit Ally

Time to relax and go journey deep into your inner spiritual landscape, including
  • Ancient Mayan Energy Cleanse
  • A Guided Shamanic Gong Journey to Connect you to your Plant Spirit Ally
  • Meeting a Power Animal to assist you in the Spirit Realms

11: Reflecting on your Experience

Integration techniques, including
  • Making sense of the Spiritual Experiences in waking & dream-time
  • Integrating the wisdom received

12: Farewell & Keeping Connected

The journey has just begun. 
  • How to stay connected to your fellow Plant Spirit Medicine folk
  • Free support & further training opportunities available to you
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Hi, I'm Sorrell!

I began my journey into the healing world of plant spirit medicine over 30 years ago, whilst searching for my own healing.

Like most shamanic practitioners, I am a classic tale of a wounded healer - as a young woman I had deep spiritual and emotional wounds, which were ruining my physical health, I had to look for alternative ways to heal as the doctors were lost as to how to help me. I met a healer who worked with herbs and homoeopathy and she gave me the herb calendula - she was my first great healer and teacher - it was love at first bite. I will never forget the feeling of happiness and warmth spreading through me when I first took her as a medicine, so gentle, yet so powerful. I instantly began to heal physically too, and from that moment I became fascinated by the world of herbal medicine, the science, and traditional wisdom.

I went on to train as a Medical Herbalist at University, initially focusing on Western Herbal Medicine in a very scientific way, qualifying in 1999. Very early on in my path as an apprentice healer, experiences led me to discover and train in many other forms of healing including Hypnotherapy, Hypnobirthing, Clinical Aromatherapy, Therapeutic Massage, Advanced Reiki, Gong, Drum & Sound Healing and also Shamanism and Cacao Ceremony.

​My training in shamanic traditions is eclectic, with over 27 years of training and continued mentorship with Indigenous Shamans from Peru, Ecuador, Guatemala, Medicine people from North America, Pagans, Druids, Cacaoistas and Plant Spirit Medicine Healers.

​I weave together my medical and shamanic traditions to share these powerful healing techniques, for your mind, body and spirit.

​I have been a teacher of natural health, from beginner to advanced postgraduate. My clients have included The Psychedelic Society, Low-impact Living Initiative, The Institute of Traditional Herbal Medicine and Aromatherapy, Learn-Direct, The Shoreditch Spa, and The University of West London. I now teach privately, running a variety of both live events and online courses in Herbal Medicine, Plant Spirit Medicine & Shamanism.

"I absolutely loved it. Very inspiring. Feeling even more connected to my lovely garden. Drumming around all my plants and flowers with good intention. My sage essence has certainly been working its magic. I’ve had some really powerful releases this week. So many magical tears throughout my meditations."

"Still glowing from your wonderful ceremony, and this guide is beautifully laid out, I really appreciate it.."

"wonderful transformative experience << i learned so much!"

"Je ressens la puissance de cette prière. Merci!"

"This is such a beautiful and heart-centred course full of wonderful knowledge. Sorrel is a wholehearted and gifted teacher whose presence and spiritual light reaches right out of the videos straight to you. Highly recommended!"


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