Cacao Ceremonies

Sorrell’s ceremonies are held in a traditional shamanic style following the teachings she has gained through her 28 years of training with Herbalists and Shamans from across the globe in the art and science of Medical Herbalism, Plant Spirit Medicine, Shamanic Healing and Sacred Cacao Ceremony.

For each ceremony, we work with various ceremonial cacao sourced from other parts of Middle and Southern America and infused with Sound healing, guided meditations, shamanic journeys, and breathwork for a profoundly healing and awakening experience.

Individual Sacred Cacao Ceremonies

One-to-one sacred cacao ceremony with Sorrell, a  Shamanic practitioner for over 27 years, providing the deepest most personal healing ceremony.

In this highly personalised session, Sorrell uses shamanic healing methods intentionally chosen during the ceremony, created just for your healing alone.

Financial Investment

2 hours – £130

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Couple's Sacred Cacao Ceremony

Cacao is known for very good reason as a sacred herb of connection and love.

It clears the way for love to flow, opens the heart chakra, and fills us with wonderful aphrodisiac happy hormones.

Cacao ceremony is a wonderful way to get into the mood for love, and create a magical date to remember!

Financial Investment

2 hours – £140

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Group Sacred Cacao Ceremony

This amazing plant teacher assists us in relaxing deeply, feeling safe, and opening our hearts to each other and in the ceremony, this brings a wonderful sense of communion with others.

Financial Investment

Up to 7 people: 2.5 hours,  £150 plus £10 per person

If you would like to host a ceremony for more than 7 people, please get in touch so we can organise the best venue and pricing for you.

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Community Cacao Ceremonies

Every month I host an in-real-life 2-hour Cacao Ceremony, where all are welcome. No previous experience required, I guide you through everything you need to know step by step. We gather at my little moon lodge in my healing herb garden in Margate, and you can check the events page to find out when the next one is scheduled.

Our events are always themed on the time of year, linking to the Mayan Cholq'ij calendar and astrological events. For example, in October, we connect to our ancestors, in Summer we celebrate the Sun and our solstice!

We journey with my shamanic drums, or gongs depending on our theme, to help transport you to a trance state of pure bliss, and guide you on shamanic journeys.

Each moon I offer you a different variety of ceremonial cacao, ethically sourced from different parts of the world. Each has unique qualities, aligning with our intentions. And every time, I intend to offer you the most healing, divine and entertaining experience possible.

Cacao ceremony offers us the opportunity to connect more deeply with our heart centre, to feel ourselves, to rest, to heal. To connect with others in a divine healing space that encourages relaxation on a deep level.

​Financial Investment

2 hours – £36

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Ceremonial Cacao

Pure Ceremonial Cacao is strong medicine for the heart both physically with its high content of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals; and for the emotional and spiritual aspects of the heart too.

It helps us to open our heart chakra, and connect with other people through their heart centre too.

 Cacao ceremony offers us the opportunity to connect more deeply with our heart centre, to feel ourselves, to rest, to heal. To connect with others in a divine healing space that encourages relaxation on a deep level.

​We crave chocolate for more than just its flavour!

 We crave it for the healing it brings us, the stimulation and opening of our hearts, the softening of our muscles, the relaxation and clarity of mind.

 Cacao brings long lasting healing for the mind, body and soul!

 At Plant Spirit Medicine Woman, we source the finest quality, 100% organic, fair trade, non-GMO, ceremonial grade cacao from different regions and cultures.

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New Moon Online Cacao Ceremony

A monthly online offering. A two-hour ceremony for everyone – pay what you can afford! We come together with healing and the visionary gift of Cacao & Shamanic Drumming, Gong & Song in Ceremony.

I guide you on a shamanic journey, and together as one we travel into the realm of spiritual bliss, we vision, we heal and become whole again.

 Intentions for each ceremony can be personal, or you can join our group intention themed by Sorrell each month. 

See our events page for details of upcoming events.  

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