Cacao Ceremonies

Welcome to a realm of healing and connection within Plant Spirit Medicine Woman's Sacred Cacao Ceremonies, where you are invited to explore the art of Cacao Ceremony and dive deep into the magic of Sound Healing.

Plant Spirit Medicine Woman's ceremonies unfold in a traditional shamanic style, a tapestry woven with wisdom acquired through years of training with Herbalists and Shamans worldwide. Each ceremony is a testament to the art and science of Medical Herbalism, Plant Spirit Medicine, Shamanic Healing, Sound Healing and the Sacred Cacao traditions of the Mayan Grandmothers. 

Join us in these sacred gatherings, where ancient wisdom meets contemporary practices, and the heart of the Cacao Ceremony beats in unison with your own.

Embark on a journey of healing and awakening with Plant Spirit Medicine Woman's Cacao Ceremonies.

Personal Sacred Cacao Ceremony

Experience the Power of Personal Healing

Indulge in an exclusive journey of self-discovery and healing with Sorrell. Our Individual Sacred Cacao Ceremonies provide a unique opportunity for you to receive Shamanic wisdom and healing in the most personal way.

Why Choose an Individual Session?

🌿 Deepest & Personalized Healing: Dive into the depths of personal healing in a one-to-one setting, where Sorrell focuses her healing skills on you and only you!

🌟 Tailored Shamanic Methods: Every element of the ceremony crafted to provide the deepest and most personal healing experience. 

Financial Investment:

Duration: 2 hours

💸 Investment: £140

Ready to embark on your sacred journey? Contact Sorrell to schedule your one-to-one session.

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Couple's Sacred Cacao Ceremony

Embark on a Romantic Journey with Couple's Sacred Cacao Ceremony

Unveil the magic of connection and love with our Couple's Sacred Cacao Ceremony. Renowned as a sacred herb of love, Cacao sets the stage for an intimate and heart-opening experience.

Why Choose Couple's Sacred Cacao Ceremony?

🍫 Heart-Centered Connection: Cacao clears the path for love to flow, enhancing the heart chakra's energy.

💖 Aphrodisiac Bliss: Immerse yourselves in the delightful embrace of happy hormones of oxytocin & anandamides for a euphoric experience.

🌈 Magical Date: Transform an ordinary evening into a magical date filled with love and connection.

Financial Investment:

Duration: 2 hours

💸 Investment: £150

Create a Love-Filled Memory: Let the sacred energy of Cacao guide you and your partner towards a deeper connection. Our Couple's Sacred Cacao Ceremony offers a unique opportunity to enhance intimacy, celebrate love, and weave beautiful memories together.

Ready to Elevate Your Connection? Book your Couple's Sacred Cacao Ceremony today and embark on a journey of love and enchantment.

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Group Sacred Cacao Ceremony

Experience Communion in Group Sacred Cacao Ceremony

Immerse yourself in the enchanting energy of our Group Sacred Cacao Ceremony, where the incredible plant teacher guides us toward deep relaxation, a sense of safety, and heart-opening connections with others.

Why Choose Group Sacred Cacao Ceremony?

🌿 Plant Teacher Guidance: Cacao assists in profound relaxation and a feeling of safety.

💖 Heart-Opening Connections: Experience a wonderful sense of communion with others during the ceremony.

Financial Investment for 3 to 7 People:

Duration: 2.5 hours

💸 Investment: £170 plus £10 per person

Hosting for More Than 7 People? If you have a larger group in mind, reach out, and let's collaborate to find the best venue and pricing for your unique gathering.

Ready to Connect and Commune? Book your Group Sacred Cacao Ceremony and embark on a journey of relaxation, safety, and heart-centered connections.

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Community Cacao Ceremonies

🌕✨ Immerse yourself in the enchanting world of Cacao Ceremony, where healing, connection, and cosmic energies come together in a magical blend.

Join us every month around the cycles of Full Moons and New Moons for a heart-centered experience. No previous experience required, I guide you through everything you need to know step by step. 

🌙 New Moon Circles: Intimate gatherings of 7 participants in my moon lodge in Margate, fostering introspection, healing and connection.

🌕 Full Moon Gatherings: Up to 30 participants at the magical ARK in Margate, exploring cacao ceremony in a sociable space with incredible acoustics.

Themes & Connection:

  • 📅 Our events align with the Mayan Cholq'ij calendar and astrological events, exploring themes like ancestral connection in October and celebrating the Sun during the Summer Solstice.

Why Cacao Ceremony?

💖 Heart-Centered Connection: Deepen your connection with your heart centre, the seat of our consciousness and your infinite soul's wisdom. 

🌿 Rest & Heal: Take a moment to rest and heal in a divine, relaxing space. Allow Mama cacao to heal your mind, as she balances our serotonin and dopamine. And invite in the bliss hormones of fuels us with oxytocin (the love hormone) and Anandamide Its name sprouts from the Sanskrit word ‘ananda’, meaning bliss, happiness and divine joy.

🤝 Connect with Others: Join a community that encourages healing and relaxation on a profound level.

Upcoming Events: Check our Events Page for details on the next enchanting gathering!

Financial Investment:

🏰 The ARK (Full Moon): 2 hours of magic - £30

🌙 The Moon Lodge (New Moon): 2.5 immersive hours - £36

Come, let's journey together in the sacred space of Cacao Ceremony, where every moon cycle becomes an opportunity for healing, growth, and connection.

See you there!

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Ceremonial Cacao

Pure Ceremonial Cacao is strong medicine for the heart and soul!

Cacao is a marvellous and magical medicine, with a high content of antioxidants, vitamins and minerals to heal and relax the physical body. 

Cacao's powerful and unique chemistry balances our serotonin & dopamine levels - the happy hormones. Cacao fuels a release of oxytocin - the love hormone released at orgasm, bringing us a sense of deep satisfaction, oneness and bliss, plus a rise in anandamides which connects with our endocannabinoid receptors to relieve pain and help us feel naturally high!

Energetically Cacao helps us to open our heart chakra, creating an abundant flow of love from within. If there is any sadness or painful emotion held in our heart chakra, cacao can help to transform it into compassion and forgiveness. Cacao also helps us connect with other people through their heart centre too, cacao ceremony offers us a perfect way to connect with others in a divine healing space that encourages relaxation on a deep level.

Ceremonial cacao has a worthy reputation for cleansing and awakening the third eye, and helping us access our shamanic brain's potential. Enabling us to connect with our spiritual selves, and also our spirit guides when called upon to assist us within ceremony or meditation.

Cacao brings long lasting healing for the mind, body and soul!

 At Plant Spirit Medicine Woman, we source the finest quality, 100% organic, fair trade, non-GMO, ceremonial grade cacao from different regions of the Mayan landscape.

Financial Investment:

We offer cacao in small personal packages for as little as £22.

Ceremonial packages of 500g or more.

Or in larger wholesale quantities on request.

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New Moon Online Cacao Ceremony

Embark on a Journey of New Beginnings: New Moon Online Cacao Ceremony

Join us monthly for a transformative online experience – our New Moon Online Cacao Ceremony, a one  hour healing celebration open to everyone.

Each ceremony is themed, encouraging us to explore the many archetypes and shamanic stories offered in shamanic and spiritual traditions from all over the globe, taking inspiration from Celtic Goddesses to Native American shamanism, and Mayan legends to Siberian stories

In the spirit of individuality, we invite you to contribute what feels right for you and set your own intentions too.

What to Expect:

🌑 Monthly Offering: A sacred space created for all, exploring the healing and visionary gifts of Cacao, Shamanic Drumming, Gong, and Song in a blissful ceremony.

🌈 Guided Shamanic Journey: Follow me on a shamanic journey, where together, we traverse the realm of spiritual bliss, weaving visions, healing, and emerging whole once more.

Community Intentions:

🌟 Personal or Group Intentions: Set personal intentions or join our group intention, thoughtfully curated by Sorrell each month. A collective visioning for positive transformation.

Join the Gathering: Visit our Events Page for details on upcoming ceremonies. We can't wait to share this sacred space with you.

Let's journey together under the New Moon's gentle glow!

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