Unlocking the Magic of Ceremonial Cacao with Sorrell Robbins: A Step-by-Step Guide

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Welcome, welcome!

I'm Sorrell, Plant Spirit Medicine Woman, and today, I'm inviting you into my kitchen to share the art of crafting a simple yet potent ceremonial cacao. Join me as we embark on this journey, blending ancient wisdom with modern intention.

Choosing the Perfect Cacao

Before diving into the alchemy of cacao, let's talk about the star of the show—cacao itself. In front of me, an array of cacao varieties awaits, but today, we're diving into the Spirit of the Valley cacao, a fresh and creamy batch that promises a delightful experience.

To honour Mother Earth for this divine offering, three cacao beans will be lovingly buried in the ground. But first, our tools need cleansing—physically and energetically.

Cleansing Tools and Setting Intentions

Ethically sourced Palo Santo fills the air as I smudge the knife, cutting board, scales, and even the water. Everything in this process aligns with nature, ensuring the journey from raw cacao to ceremonial cup remains pure and intentional.

Our water, around 200 to 250 ml, is also smudged. Clean and energized tools are essential for a sacred experience. Now, let's dive into the transformative process.

Crafting the Ceremony

I've chosen a modest 28 grams of cacao for today's ceremony. While some may prefer higher doses, I find that Mama Cacao's profound healing has allowed me to experience her magic with less.

With the water at a gentle boil, the cacao is introduced, and the whisking begins. This isn't just a physical act but a ritual. Intentions are woven into every stir, a dialogue with Mama Cacao.

A Song for Mama Cacao

As I whisk, I harmonize with a song gifted by Mama Cacao herself—a heartfelt plea for happiness, health, and the flow of loving energy. This song, a download from our shared journey, adds an extra layer of spiritual connection to the brew.

Mindful Brewing

As the cacao warms, I ensure it doesn't boil, occasionally checking for any grainy bits. Mama Cacao's handmade touch might leave subtle textures, but big lumps are a no-no.

The ceremonial cacao, now a velvety elixir, is poured into a special cup, thanks to the versatile spatula that leaves no bit wasted.

Sipping Mindfully

With the cacao cup in hand, I connect with the heart of the sky, the heart of the earth, and the heart of each cacao bean. These sacred moments set the stage for mindful meditation, allowing Mama Cacao's medicine to seep in and whisper messages from the spirit world.

And there you have it—a guide to crafting a high-vibrational ceremonial cacao drink. May this ritual carry you into deep healing meditative states and shamanic journeys. Thank you for joining me on this enchanting journey. Until next time, sip and savour the magic of Mama Cacao. 🍫✨



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