Free Cacao Ceremony Video: Connecting with your Inner Shaman

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Connecting with your Inner Shaman

🌙 Join Us on a Shamanic Journey: New Moon with Gongs and Cacao (optional) 🌙

Aristotle once said, "The most important relationship we can all have is the one we have with ourselves, and the most important journey we can take is one of self-discovery."

Now, as we embrace this New Moon, I extend an invitation to embark on a journey of self-discovery. I will be your guide on this introspective voyage, where we'll connect with the shamanic aspect within ourselves, whom we'll refer to as the inner shaman. I've often pondered: What does my inner shaman look like? What wisdom might they impart? And how can I decipher their messages in our everyday lives? How can I nurture this inner shamanic essence?

Through this shamanic journey, I've uncovered profound insights about myself, my unique magic, and the ways in which I can nourish my shamanic soul. I've gained a fresh perspective on myself, acknowledging my "feather medicine," my gentle approach, my ability to provide safety and protection for others on this spiritual path, my eagle eye keen perception, and my need for self-care in specific ways.

In the Toltec traditions of Mexico, we recognize that we are all inherently shamanic, each of us crafting our own reality. Some are more consciously aware of this truth than others. As we awaken to this profound responsibility, we truly grasp our inherent power and become catalysts for meaningful change in the world.

If you're eager to delve deeper into self-discovery and connect with your inner shaman, let Mama Cacao, the resonating gongs, and this shamanic journey illuminate your path. Join us on this journey of self-exploration, and discover the wisdom your inner shaman has been waiting to share with you.

🌿 A Shamanic Journey with Sorrell 🌿

Sorrell will be your guide on a shamanic voyage into the inner realms of your being where you can connect to your inner shaman. This journey is an opportunity to connect with the shamanic spirit within that guide us. To develop a more enriching and loving relationship towards ourselves. Sorrell's guidance ensures a safe, heart-opening and meaningful experience.

🎶 Elevate Your Shamanic Experience with Gong Healing 🎶

Enhance your shamanic journey with the resonant sounds of gongs. Sorrell's shamanic guidance, combined with the gongs, will deepen your experience, facilitating access to different levels of consciousness, from Beta to Alpha, and Theta states. Here, hidden truths are unveiled, and Sorrell will gently guide you back to your body, ensuring a seamless integration of your newfound wisdom.

🍫 About Cacao Ceremony 🍫

Cacao ceremony, rooted in ancient Mayan shamanic practices, combines ceremonial cacao with shamanic techniques. Sorrell and Mama Cacao collaborate to create a unique healing and joyful experience. All are welcome, whether you're a newcomer or an experienced practitioner seeking a deeper spiritual journey.

💖 Experience Healing, Bliss, and Wisdom 💖

Our intention is to provide physical and emotional healing, forge spiritual connections, and impart wisdom from your spirit guides, supporting your path to wholeness. 🌿 About Sorrell, Your Shamanic Guide 🌿 With 28 years of training in Medical Herbalism, Plant Spirit Medicine, Shamanic Healing, and Sacred Cacao Ceremony, Sorrell brings extensive knowledge and experience to her ceremonies. She has received teachings from traditional medicine practitioners in Guatemala, Ecuador, Peru, and Native North America. Your safety and well-being are paramount, so please reach out if you have health concerns or are on medication before our ceremonies.

🌍 Let's Heal Our World, One Heart at a Time 🌍

Join us as we embark on a journey of self-discovery, healing, and renewal. Let's begin by nurturing our own hearts and embracing the magic of the New Moon. Reserve your spot now, and together, we'll delve into the mysteries of the shamanic path.


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