Shamanic Practitioner Apprenticeship

The path to becoming a shamanic practitioner
For me this path has been a calling that has satisfied me deep in my soul, it began with my own healing journey, and as I realised the potential of the shamanic practices I received I simply had to share them with the world. I have experienced many healing modalities, always returning to the shamanic path for the deeper transformational healing it offers me. I have worked with many shamanic teachers and healers from all over the world, their teachings now woven together to create the path I can now offer you. There are said to be 2 paths in shamanism, the path of the warrior and the path of the heart, I offer you the path of the heart. A path which wishes to help you and all you work with heal and move forward with grace and ease, transformation and transcendence.

If you are also called to take this this sacred healing path, to step into your role of healer and seer for others, you will be challenged in many ways. In your ability to act as a spiritual channel and healer for others, and as a part of your learning process, challenges are often activated by what comes up through the training and the clients that come to you. This may manifest physically, emotionally and intellectually. Which is why I offer you an apprenticeship, as a shamanic practitioner with over 27 years of training and experience, I know the path well, the challenges ahead and it is my wish to make your path easier and more enjoyable.

To follow this path to fruition, you must have a calling, followed by an intention to be committed, brave and playful - to try new things. Although I do like to make this journey as enjoyable as possible, I take my role as your guide on this path very seriously, and I recognise you are unique in your offerings and gifts, experience and training. I offer myself in service as your teacher, guide and mentor.

To join me on the shamanic apprenticeship path, you must first complete the 13 moons healing path.

Following this 13 moon personal healing journey, which also teaches you many methods you may incorporate into your practice of healing others, there are 3 short 2 day courses which are essential to complete the Shamanic Apprenticeship: 1. Drum Healing, 2. Extraction & Illumination & 3. Soul Retrieval. I offer these trainings in small groups, or 1-2-1. Following these trainings we continue by working 1-2-1 in apprenticeship, as you complete your 60 case studies, to help you evolve your unique abilities to become the best possible shamanic healing practitioner.

When you complete the qualification process you will receive a certificate in Shamanic Healing with Plant Spirit Medicine Woman, and gain a qualification which leads to professional indemnity insurance with Balen’s.

There are additional trainings available to expand your practice including Shamanic Gong Healing, Shamanic Drum Birthing, Shamanic Rattle Making and The Shamanic Initiations - Munay Ki Rites.

To complete your Shamanic Apprenticeship training, we work together through the following requirements:

A total of 101.5 hours attendance at live training events are required. This includes:

  • The 13 Moons (70.5 hours) 13 days over 13 months

  • The Shamanic Initiations (49.5 hours) - 9 days over 9 months

  • Extraction & Illumination 2-day course (10 hours)

  • Soul Retrieval (10 hours)

  • Shamanic Drum Healing (10 hours)

  • Shamanic Drum Making (10+ hours)

  • Shamanic Rattle Making (5+hrs) 

  • Shamanic Gong Healing (10 hours)

These trainings are offered 'in real life' at my clinic in Margate, Kent, UK. See our courses page for details with the dates available.

Private 1-2-1 sessions for all the training courses can also be organised by request

Please note: currently the online training events do not count towards the qualification. If you are unable to attend any of the scheduled sessions during the longer IRL courses for any reason these missed hours will not be counted towards your certification. You are required to attend, 101.5+ hours of live training with Plant Spirit Medicine Woman. I am able to offer you a 1-2-1 training session to make up for any hours missed at extra cost, charged for at my hourly rate.

Intellectual Elements

An Essay

A 2,000 WORD ESSAY: on any subject related to shamanic healing. This is not an academic paper, more a way of ascertaining that you can convey a clear message to the people you will serve as a shamanic practitioner. 

A Short Written Paper

A short questionnaire, with 8 questions to be answered. Each question will be related to your teachings on the courses you have experienced with Plant Spirit Medicine Woman. The questions will require you to explain certain aspects of shamanic practice, so we can assess your knowledge and ability to convey your message to your clients and the public in general.

Professional Mentoring

As you begin to work with clients 1-2-1 and in groups, I offer you 1-2-1 support throughout the apprenticeship. To support your evolution into a successful shamanic healing practice and assist with clearing any issues activated within you.

This part of the apprenticeship requires you to meet with me for a 60 to 90-minute session, around once a month, over a period of 1-2 years.

During this time we will cover the details of how you develop your rapport with clients, how to take a case history that is relevant for shamanic healing, how to perform the healing rituals and practices effectively within a 60-90 minute time frame, and how to hold space for your client's healing over time, confidentiality issues, and how to create healthy boundaries. Each new client or group ceremony will bring new challenges to learn from. We will cover much ground together and the training will be very unique to each individual depending on their previous experience and training.

Each 60 or 90-minute apprenticeship mentoring session will be charged at my standard hourly rate at the time. I anticipate we will be able to cover 4 case studies per 60 minute session, or 6 in a 90 minute session.

*2023 - 2024 Costs are currently £60 per 60 minutes and £90 per £90 minute session. I anticipate your mentoring process to complete this apprenticeship will require at approximately 15 x 60 minute session or 10 x 90 minute sessions to complete the apprenticeship which at the current rate equates to £1,350. You can spread these cost over the 1-2 years, as we work together towards your successful completion of the apprenticeship, to complete the process, and you do so in your own time, at your own pace.

Case Studies

60 case studies, 2 of which will be observed by Plant Spirit Medicine Woman.

At least 75% (45) of your case studies need to be IRL rather than held online.

Each case study treatment must be at least 60 minutes long.

Each case study must incorporate teachings you have received during your training with Plant Spirit Medicine Woman.

You must treat each case study as a shamanic healing ceremony, calling in the directions, smudging and closing the directions each time.

A simple format for your case studies will be supplied which makes the paper work easy to complete. Once you have completed a case study you can submit it for review with Plant Spirit Medicine Woman, we will integrate these case study reviews into your monthly mentor time, so you get immediate feedback and support.

Our Legal Requirements

Registration with the ICO

In order to comply with the data protection legislation 2018, it is necessary for a therapist to take the client's details to register with the Information Commissioner's Office:

I will supply you with the correct paperwork to do this.


As a student shamanic practitioner, you may wish to get insurance for your work.

Balen’s are the company who have agreed to underwrite this course and your training for us. You may apply to them directly for student insurance and once qualified, send them your certificate, supplied at completion, to gain shamanic practitioner insurance to cover the healing practice.

Please note their insurance does not cover Fire Ceremonies! We do these at our own risk.

Once you are Qualified


The Shamanic Healing Practitioner Certificate will enable you to get professional insurance via Balen's as a Shamanic practitioner/healer.

This will cover you for 1-2-1 work and also shamanic healing ceremony work in groups.

Their website address is: 

Continued Professional Mentoring & Training

It is advisable once qualified and in practice to seek professional support on an ongoing basis to enhance your practice skills, and self-awareness and avoid burnout. Receiving professional mentoring is also an excellent way to evolve your own practice fast and gain confidence.

Professional mentoring can be direct from Plant Spirit Medicine Woman or a psychotherapist or another source of regular therapy such as art therapy where you get an opportunity to offload your client's information confidentially, work through any triggers that come up during sessions and integrate the learning so that they are not projected into other therapeutic relationships you are involved in.

It is advisable to work with a professional mentor on a regular basis, at least once a month. I also advise you continue to explore other healing modalities for your own health and advancement, this will be dependent on your own healing journey and the number of clients you are taking on.