Embarking on the Shamanic Practitioner's Path

For me, the journey of becoming a shamanic practitioner has been an incredible calling that has fulfilled the depths of my soul. It all began with my personal healing journey, and as I discovered the profound potential of shamanic practices, I felt compelled to share these gifts with the world. Along this path, I've explored numerous healing modalities, yet I consistently returned to the shamanic way for its unique power in deep transformational healing. Over the years, I've had the privilege of learning from esteemed shamanic teachers and healers from around the globe, and their teachings have now woven together to create the path I offer you today.

In the realm of shamanism, there are said to be two primary paths: the path of the warrior and the path of the heart. I extend to you the path of the heart—a path that aspires to help you and those you serve heal and progress gracefully, with ease, transformation, and transcendence.

If you, too, feel the calling to embark on this sacred healing journey, to step into the role of a healer and seer for others, know that you will encounter challenges along the way. As you become a spiritual channel and healer for others, these challenges may surface through your training and the clients you work with, manifesting physically, emotionally, and intellectually. That's why I offer you an apprenticeship. With over 28 years of experience as a shamanic practitioner, I'm intimately acquainted with the path ahead, the challenges you'll face, and my heartfelt desire is to make your journey smoother and more enjoyable.

To tread this path to its fruition, you must first possess a calling to utilize your healing gifts for the benefit of others. You'll need commitment, a touch of bravery, and a willingness to embrace playfulness—to venture into uncharted territories. While I aim to infuse joy into this journey, I take my role as your guide seriously, recognizing your unique gifts, experiences, and training. I am here to serve as your teacher, guide, and mentor.

To embark on the shamanic apprenticeship path with me, you must first complete the transformative 13 Moons Healing Path. This personal healing journey not only enhances your own healing but also equips you with a diverse set of methods to incorporate into your healing practice. Following this, there are three crucial 2-day courses that constitute the Shamanic Apprenticeship:

1. Shamanic Drum Healing
2. Extraction & Illumination
3. Soul Retrieval

These trainings are offered in intimate small groups or through personalised 1-on-1 sessions.

Subsequently, we embark on a 1-on-1 apprenticeship journey, during which you will complete 60 case studies. This process is designed to help you evolve and refine your unique abilities, enabling you to become the best possible shamanic healing practitioner.

Upon successful completion of the qualification process, you will receive a certificate in Shamanic Healing with Plant Spirit Medicine Woman. This qualification also paves the way for you to secure professional indemnity insurance through Balens.

We also offer additional training opportunities to expand your practice, including Shamanic Gong Healing, Shamanic Drum Birthing, Shamanic Rattle Making, Shamanic Initiations such as the Munay Ki Rites, and Cacao Spirit Medicine in our Cacaoista training program.

Throughout your Shamanic Apprenticeship training, we'll work together closely to fulfil the following requirements and guide you on your path to becoming an accomplished shamanic practitioner:

Total Hours of Live Training Required: 101.5

To fulfill this requirement, you'll engage in the following training components:

Foundation Course:

  • The 13 Moons: 71.5 hours, spanning 13 days over 12 months.

3 Essential Additional Modular Courses:

  • Extraction & Illumination: 10 hours, delivered over 2 days.
  • Soul Retrieval: 10 hours, spread across 2 days.
  • Shamanic Drum Healing: 10 hours, covered in 2 days.

5 Optional Additional Modular Courses:

  • The Shamanic Initiations: 49.5 hours, spanning 9 days over 9 months.
  • Shamanic Drum Making: Approximately 10+ hours.
  • Shamanic Rattle Making: Approximately 5+ hours.
  • Shamanic Gong Healing: 10 hours.
  • Cacao Spirit Medicine - Cacaoista Training: 12 hours, distributed over 8 weeks.

Location and Format: Most of these training sessions are conducted in person, in small groups, at my clinic in Margate, Kent, UK. However, please note that the Cacao Spirit Medicine course is taught online.

Private 1-2-1 Sessions: If needed, private 1-2-1 training sessions for all the courses can be arranged upon request.

Important Note: For those interested in the Cacaoista training, it can be taken separately, and you can obtain insurance as a cacaoista without any prior training qualifications. It offers a flexible path into this exciting field.

Please keep in mind that if you miss any training hours, you have the option to make them up through additional 1-2-1 training sessions at an extra cost, which will be charged at my hourly rate.

Intellectual Elements

An Essay

A 2,000 WORD ESSAY: on any subject related to shamanic healing. This is not an academic paper, more a way of ascertaining that you can convey a clear message to the people you will serve as a shamanic practitioner. 

A Short Written Paper

A concise questionnaire for you, comprising eight thoughtfully crafted questions. Each question pertains to the teachings and experiences you've encountered during your courses with Plant Spirit Medicine Woman. These questions are carefully designed to delve into specific aspects of shamanic practice. By responding to them, you'll not only help us assess your knowledge but also gauge your ability to effectively convey your message to both your clients and the broader public.

Personalised Guidance Throughout Your Journey

As you step into the world of one-on-one client sessions and group work, I'm here to provide you with dedicated support throughout your apprenticeship. My aim is to assist your growth as a successful shamanic healing practitioner and help you address any challenges that may arise within you during this transformative process.

Your Apprenticeship Support

This phase of your apprenticeship involves regular 60 to 90-minute sessions with me, typically on a monthly basis, spanning a duration of 1 to 2 years. During these sessions, we'll delve into various aspects, including:

  • Client Rapport: I'll guide you in developing strong connections with your clients.
  • Case History: You'll learn how to collect pertinent information for effective shamanic healing.
  • Healing Rituals: I'll provide insights into performing rituals within a 60-90 minute timeframe.
  • Space Holding: We'll explore how to create a nurturing healing environment and maintain client confidentiality.
  • Boundaries: Establishing and maintaining healthy boundaries in your practice.

With each new client or group ceremony, you'll encounter fresh challenges, offering invaluable learning experiences. The training experience will be tailored to you, taking into account your prior experiences and training.

Investment in Your Growth

For each 60 or 90-minute apprenticeship mentoring session, fees will be based on my standard hourly rate. I anticipate that within a 60-minute session, we can cover four case studies, or six within a 90-minute session.

As of 2023-2024, my hourly rate is £60 for 60 minutes and £90 for 90 minutes. To complete your apprenticeship, I estimate that you'll need approximately 15 sessions of 60 minutes or 10 sessions of 90 minutes. At the current rate, this totals £1,350. You have the flexibility to spread these costs over the 1-2 years as we work together towards your successful apprenticeship completion. The process is designed to proceed at your own pace, ensuring a comfortable and manageable journey towards your shamanic healing goals.

Case Studies

Completing Your Case Studies

In your journey toward becoming a proficient shamanic practitioner, you'll be required to complete a total of 60 case studies. Two of these case studies will be observed by Plant Spirit Medicine Woman herself, providing you with invaluable feedback and guidance.

The Hands-On Requirement

To ensure a well-rounded learning experience, a minimum of 45 out of your 60 case studies must be conducted in person (IRL) rather than online. This hands-on practice allows you to deepen your connection with clients and gain practical insights into shamanic healing.

The Time Commitment

Each case study treatment should last a minimum of 60 minutes. This duration ensures that you have ample time to apply the teachings you've received during your training with Plant Spirit Medicine Woman effectively.

The Shamanic Approach

Approach each case study as a shamanic healing ceremony. This involves calling in the directions, performing smudging rituals, and properly closing the directions at the conclusion of each session. This ceremonial approach ensures that you create a sacred and respectful space for healing.

Streamlined Documentation

We provide a straightforward format for documenting your case studies, making the paperwork process easy to navigate. Once you've completed a case study, you can submit it for review by Plant Spirit Medicine Woman. These case study reviews will be seamlessly integrated into your monthly mentor sessions, offering you immediate feedback and tailored support as you progress on your shamanic healing journey.

Our Legal Requirements

Registration with the ICO

To align with the Data Protection Legislation of 2018, therapists are required to register with the Information Commissioner's Office, which can be done at ico.org.uk

Insurance for Your Shamanic Practice

As a student shamanic practitioner, you might consider obtaining insurance for your work. We've partnered with Balens, the trusted underwriter for this course and your training.

Here's how it works:

  1. While you're a student, you can apply directly to Balens for student insurance to cover your practice during your training period.
  2. Once you've successfully completed the course and obtained your certificate, you can provide it to Balens to transition to shamanic practitioner insurance, ensuring comprehensive coverage for your healing practice.

Balens offers reliable insurance solutions tailored to shamanic practitioners, providing peace of mind as you embark on your healing journey.


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